Cosmic Parties

 Celebrating the Divine Feminine with Fun Sacred Soul Gatherings

Saturday January 7th ~ 2017  3PM-4:30PM (PST)

eileen divine feminine

  • Create your own unique sacred ceremonies
  • Weave sacred self-honor and recognition into your sacred ceremonies
  • Incorporate your inactive gifts and offerings into the sacred ceremony
  • Form crystal light healing chambers using collective light frequency in ceremony
  • Play with your higher guidance teams in new ways
  • Experience how high frequency fun and ceremony are synonymous

As we are embracing the Divine Feminine within ourselves and without, we are seeing the myriad of ways that this aspect of God shows up in our lives. We are also being offered a multitude of ways to create, celebrate, and honor divine feminine expressions. All aspects of our consciousness are being refined and the frequency of celebration is being gifted to us in new ways. As the result, we have the opportunity to expand into our higher dimensional and beyond celebrations in new and exciting ways. We are being encouraged to include playfulness and creativity into our ceremonial gatherings. For this “lightness” is truly what it’s about. It’s time for humanity to lighten up both literally and figuratively. For those who choose, we are being gifted beautiful creative ways to get to know ourselves and the all of creation in more profound ways.

High frequency parties create a bridge to the family of light on several plains of existence. Gatherings create harmony within the realities with which we go in and out of all the time. They heal light workers in multidimensional ways. The collective energy of the gathering stimulates our intuition and deep feelings of the soul. The profound energy created forms a beacon of light that sends sound into the universe. These unique cosmic parties allows for a collective broadcast of new frequency out into the universe. Together, in these gatherings, we create vortexes of light sound and light healing. Coming together in this fashion, we electromagnetically charge each other and support the Divine Feminine frequency in all of its demonstrations.

In this class, Eileen Shoals will share how these parties developed and unfolded over the course of her life as preparation for the ushering in of the Divine Feminine Essence for individual soul healing and collective high frequency consciousness. She will offer creative fun ways for light workers to share their offerings in an expansive way that celebrates the diversity of the entire universal family.


Cosmic Parties AW
Price: $44.00