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Universal Unity Audio Package Offering & Description 2016

What ~ This audio package is / can be used for online global tele-class platforms and / or in the store for personal purchase.


Price ~ Suggested Retail Price ~ $69.00 (2.5 hrs of meditations, alignments, and ascension, Universal, spirit communication)

MP3 Package Over-View ~ these are all complimentary wisdom to all books (3 books from Joanna) Books ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Ascension Path Work, The Dance with Creation


  • Alignment to 5th Dimensional Resonance ~ 20-30min MP3
  • Grounding Alignment w/Gaia & Spirit Guides, Celestial Teams, Higher Self ~ 20-30min MP3
  • Enhancing Communication ~ (dialogue and over view) ~ 20-30min MP3
  • Ascension & Planetary Ascension Over View (dialogue and over view) ~ 30Min MP3
  • Universal Entanglement ~ The Human Story (dialogue and over view) ~ 30min MP3

NOTE: If you join one of our live events like “Intro to first contact” we will give you a $25 coupon to use on this package. If you want to join our live events CLICK HERE


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