Next Class date; May 13th, 2017 Saturday ~ 1:00pm  – 2:00pm PST


Join us for these monthly classes that inspire the inner teachings of light and love wisdom through meditation, alignment, and Universal wisdom’s that flow through in higher consciousness states of energetic channeled alignment.


We will ground and invoke sacred  ascension energies of the moment and spiral within Divine Sacred Heart and Inner Temple alignments for outpouring of love, light, and  transformation within our soul group intent as well as inner personal  healing, loving experience, and abundance within Unity in all things.


These sessions are high vibrational in nature; will include short  energetic dialogue, tips, grounding, meditation, alignment, invocations  and prayer, sound, tone, to inspire and ignite personal transformation and planetary grid, celestial, and Universal grid work.


Class length ~ 60min – Class Price ~ $22.00 USD

Sacred Inner Temple of Light
Price: $22.00


These classes will empower, inspire, and ignite the remembrance of how  to entangle and master the inner workings of consciousness, light, and  light wisdom ~ Join us for these profound soul family celebrations.