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There are many new awakenings to the myriad of skills and wisdom’s that we have used in many of our ancient and highly advanced cultures now stirring excitement and curiosity for us to begin new human sacred play. These Divine Sacred Temples of Light classes will explore such skills that we have practiced and used in many ancient earth cultures and civilizations to rebirth and inspire anew.

This ‘Sacred Toning & Sound Healing’ class will introduce the importance of sound, tone, and the waves of vibration that sound is carried upon and how it affects all things within our energetic environment. The human etheric field, the bio-physical functioning, and even the power to which purity of intent is felt and projected is an aspect of our sacred play with tonal vibrations. We will create a foundation of exploration with sounds, ticks, tones, and movement to re-awaken the temple priest or priestess and Goddess that awaits beneath the surface to re-ignite heart-felt connection and entanglement with consciousness and life in new creative ways.


We will explore how sound and tone is used as not only a healing modality, but also how it is our primary tool for communicating with a myriad of animal consciousness upon our planet and within our cosmos. Tune in and re-discover your vessel of refined perception and translations to the sound of love and light.

Tjasa Marin and myself, Joanna will be the core teachers for this class and more classes will be added to the sacred play of sound and tone as a unique and special part of ascending higher dimensional entanglement and communication that adds dimensionality to your telepathic and intuitive skills.

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Sacred Toning & Sound Healing
Price: $22.00