My name is Tjasa Marin and I feel really passionate about everything connected with spirit and subtle energies. I am passionate about exploring, creating and serving others in helping people find their inner power and truth. I follow my intuition and work with what is opened and offered to me in accordance with what is happening with the person in front of me in the moment of Now. Ever since I can remember I have had connection to spirit in many ways. I am what’s known as a clairsientient and clairaudiant. I can hear spirits and feel subtle energies.

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How I inspire ,use ,and co-create with energy:

  • healing with the truth : intuitive counseling (most of the people know what is good for them, but they have problems implementing it in their life, they are not living their “newly discovered” truth.) They have illusions about themselves and life and have a hard time accepting and seeing the truth, and being honest with themselves. Most of the time the truth is to painful for them. Finding and seeing the truth can be painful and accepting that you were lied to can be painful. Especially that you were lying to yourselves. I learned that honesty is the key for self-growth. Different energy techniques and breathing techniques can really help you when going through all that. Step by step you are understanding yourself more and you discover what you really want, what is your true hearts desire. Let’s break the illusion, live the truth and follow our hearts again!
  • Spiritual massage (Therapeutical massage of your back and energy alignments. Back is really important for better flow of your energy) Finding the reason of manifested problems, understanding it, how you are involved in it, your participation in it and energy healing for the problem)
  • Technique: Connection with source (alignment of everything in your body that is in your highest good- what your higher self allows me to do)
  • Numerology guidance. Finding the energy patterns you choose for this life and what energies you align with.
  • Sacred Light Toning = Light activations and consequently integrations (healing), which align harmonics of the Earth with the harmonics of the Stars. The tones are really powerful and have light frequencies, which heal on a subconscious level too. I am intuitively guided to produce them and in private sessions I can tune in to the unbalances (blockages) on your body and produce the voice to heal them. You can actually tune in to everything 😉 I am just grateful that I can share that with people 💗
  • Guided meditations and activations. I intuitively guide you to release blockages and to connect with your guides, Angels and higher self. I also emphasize your breath, witch is your connection to Source.
  • Makeup Artist of over a decade. I like to awaken the inner Goddess/God for people to help them feel and see their own power and beauty. The eyes are the window to the soul and I like to emphasize the soul aspects of a person when making them feel beautiful.

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