December 21, 2016 ~ Universal Unity Year End Celebration

Universal Unity Year End Celebration

Happy Holidays and Dance into the Festivities of 2017!

Join us for this 2-seating ‘Year End Celebration Event.’  We will immerse ourselves in joyous celebration of entanglement and inspiration with spirit and our Universal families, as we truly allow for the gratitude and honor of all that we have co-created and experienced in our grand unfolding.

We will begin with a summary of the most profound year of change ‘2016,’ and amp up for the unveiling of 2017 which is the ‘new beginning’ or a number 10 ~ ‘you plus God,’ and the merging of the Higher Self, the
Infinite, and profound Universal potentials offered by the auspices of All That Is, is just the beginning of what this year will represent.

We are entering into the fullness, the richness of our initiation into full similitude with all that is Divine and we have truly come so very far together! We will engage, channel, enlighten, empower, inspire, align, and attune with Source for our limitless offerings in a new beginning for humanity and Creation.

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Price: $55.00

You will receive ~ Free Mp3 of our soul family gathering, FREE Meditation Alignment, Grounding MP3, 15% coupon for any personal session, and a chance to be the synchronistic winner of a draw prize gift that will be chosen, blessed, and sent directly to you by Joanna and her teams.

Happy Holidays and Love we gift and bless to you and the All ~ Joanna, The Universal Families, and the Universal Unity family.